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Point and Shoot Journalling Course Starting 1st October
ex_iam138 wrote in fully_flowered
Today I am sharing about something I am doing to help bring some positive change to me. I do a lot of self therapy and art therapy. I am sharing some info about it too in case you'd like to join. It's a course using not just a camera but paint too.

LK Ludwig is a photographer and an artist who teaches how to use your photos and self portraits to journal artistically with. She's written some books like "Nature Journals" and "True Visions" which you can check out at Amazon.

This is some info about the course beginning 1st October. "This class, Point & Shoot Journaling is designed to prompt you to print your images and use them on your journal pages. By using digital photography, we have an unlimited and extremely inexpensive source of original imagery at our fingertips."

Here is a link to her blog where more info is available.


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