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ela_bird wrote in fully_flowered

When did you first feel like a woman?
What defines "woman" for you?

Is there a difference between "woman" and "lady"?

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i don't believe there is anything "lady" about me but in my better moments i have grace.

first feel, i don't know. after my mother died, i suppose.

I have yet to feel like a woman. I am told I am a woman all the time but it doesn't seem like that's what I am. Girl is also not adequate anymore. Is there something between girl and woman?

well...i think this is about self perception? you are a woman, how can you find that in you and hold yourself in that warm light?

when you walk under the sun, or the embrace of the moon, can you feel it?
i find it in the way i relate to the world, the beauty i see.
i find it in my physical body, the movement and shape

what can you do today to celebrate this aspect of yourself?

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