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Our voice against our own inner critics
my eye
vaysha wrote in fully_flowered
I am really finding my voice these days.
what I mean by that is coming to a place finally where I feel it's ok to say NO.

It is mostly around little things at work. Knowing when I don't want to take on an extra project or client and not feeling like I'm a bad employee if I say NO.

Saying NO to friends when they want to go out and even though I haven't seen them in a while, knowing I don't have the energy or desire to go.

I've been ok saying no to family for a while now but work, most especially is a place where NO is hard for me.

I'm taking care of myself in other ways too. Spending money when I want to and instead of feeling guilty, reminding myself I am deserving of a treat. Taking the time to do things like accupuncture or massage- taking a day off, like yesterday, to do absolutely nothing but hang out and watch the bees or sit in the sun/shade reading magazines.

What are some ways you take care of yourself?

What are some things that are hard for you in terms of taking care of yourself.

My mom is a great lady but I really interpreted saying no (especially around work/authority) as taking a risk of losing face/job. As well being a "lady of leisure" was viewed as being disgustingly luxurious and laziness was frowned upon and seen as selfish. I've talked to my mom about it and I know it came out of her being raised during the depression. It's still hard to beat the imprint it left though.

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"no" is hard.
i've gotten better and better. one of my bosses is so cute, he cheers me whenever i say no. "Bravo! You said it!"

reading. even making art. baths are always great treat and comfort for me. pedicures.

taking care of my home, nice etsy.
oh dear.

that necklace is so pretty.

Bravo you said it...heheheh. very sweet.

I've been sayin no more and more, for self-preservation. It's been a couple of hard years and I need to catch up with ME, more than anything.

Hesitated on spending the money, but bought some mala beads and a singing bowl over the weekend. I feel good about that. :-)

For me, mostly I have a very hard time saying no at work. I worked almost 6 weeks straight of overtime, and while I am grateful that I have a job, I couldn't keep doing the OT. So, I stopped all the extra hours recently and the husband and I are doing little weekend trips now.

I'm really at a point where I can't say no at work. My position doesn't exist in the new world order, and while I have well placed individuals that insist that I will end up in SOME job, I have no guarantee that it will be something I like or want... or even if the corporation will allow them to keep their word!

And so, its the little things. When home, I spend the time with my family, we have our evening routine of dinner and dvds! I spend lots of time chatting with friends, self pedicures (which I owe myself now!)

Today I told my boss after half a day I was going home to take a nap. There wasn't even an argument...

I take long baths and cook really great comfort food meals for myself. I also will also take long walks in nice weather to just help de stress.

I find it hard to say no to family and friends. Sometimes I find it hard to say no at work if I am really trying to go up for a promotion.

I can understand your Mom's view, but sometimes we have to be selfish enough to take care of ourselves. Easier said than done

It is the little things that make me happy.A few days ago I got myself a new organic soap of lavender and daminia tea and a blood orange soda from World Market. I feel so delicious and relaxed when i get a whiff of lavender during my bath. Also,the blood orange soda was delicious!

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