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Tell me your experiences with depression
violet_fade wrote in fully_flowered
Today,I started treatment for my depression. I have been out of work since February,and unable to find anything else. I have found myself becoming increasingly isolated from the outside world,especially when I am home by myself.Even going to the grocery store,or lunch with a girlfriend is often an awkward and anxious experience. I knew that I had to do something,so I am going to be seeing a therapist,and I started on Celexa today. I was previously on a drug called Imimpramene for severe depression after my mother passed away 15 years ago. I had a very unsatisfying experience with this medication,having absolutely no feelings or creativity when I was taking it.I have shunned the idea of anti-depression medication up until now. I feel like I was on the wrong dosage,and possibly could benefit from the correct treatment. My question to all of you is:What are your experiences with this type of medication,good or bad?

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I'm do not take Celexa, but I am on Prozac ... But then my depression is exaggerated premenstrual dysphoric 'disorder' tenfold due to menopause and Prozac is what is called for here.
I don't know where you are in your lifecycle, but be sure to follow your instincts with the medication. The proper medication should assit you to feel like you. I was so afraid that I would be 'dumbed down' by medication and fought it ... but I found Me again through it.

When my daughter left for college, therapy was a god send.

Do some research on Celexa, but keep an open mind. It may or may not be your drug. Give it a shot and listen to yourself. Even depressed, we still know best what is what for ourselves.

I'm on prozac too. I had GAD generalized anxiety disorder which overlaps with depression during certain times.
I really like it- it's not perfect but much more perfect than any of the other anti depressants I have tried for me personally.
I take 10 mg every other day for 2 weeks and because everything is heightened during my cycle I take 10 mg every day for the 2 weeks before my period.

I am a small person and am sensitive to more than the 10 mg's. I've tried others, paxil, wellbutrin, celexa and an older amitrypilline and this one works the best for me.

I also try and support myself with paying attention to what goes in my body food wise ( makes a huge difference to me) as well as supplements.

Let us know how you fare and remember to be open to trying a few before you find the right fit.


I am at the end of day two,and I feel very calm and focused.I spent a lovely day with my friend,Sara.We went grocery shopping and she made lunch for us.We went to the pet store and picked out some cat things,and had a nice afternoon playing with her cats and watching movies. I did not feel anxious or sad at all today.

I am trying to watch the things I eat,making sure I get whole grains,veggies,and fruit in the right amounts.The only thing that I have a problem with is my sweet tooth!

Being "dumbed down" was sort of the experience I had with Imimpramene.I was afraid of all meds doing the same thing to me. Looking back on it,I realize that the dose may have been way too high. I was also put on Ritalin at the same time,I assume it was to help me focus in school. I felt emotionless and lost in a fog.I'm pretty sure that it was the wrong combination of things that was making me the way I was.

I'm hoping the Celexa will simply motivate me to get my life back together and make me feel less anxious. I would welcome any improvement in what I am going through. I will be monitoring my feelings carefully in the weeks to come.

Oh man no wonder you didn't feel right (imho) when I took Imimpramene I couldn't even stay awake and lucid!

I'm bipolar so it's kind of a whole different kind of treatment to get the balancing act right, but medication actually allows me to be stable enough to be me. I take welbutrin along with tegratol. I have been on lots and lots of medications through out my life and I really think it's sometimes and exparamental process to find what works for you and the proper dosages, but it's often well worth it when you get it right.

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