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Comfort Doll Project
ex_iam138 wrote in fully_flowered
Hi I would like to share about this project. A lady named Pat Winter organises fellow women to sew comfort dolls and she sends them to women in shelters who have been battered. You can learn more here and here too.

Earlier this year I organised a comfort doll swap among fellow artists. I think every woman deserves a comfort doll. I hope one day we might do some artistic swap or collaboration that supports being a woman at lj. 

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What a most BEAUTIFUL thing!

My father is a retired Vermont Judge and one of his main causes has always been Woman's Rights and Domestic Violence. He credits me for bringing these things to hos attention and I have always wanted to find my voice in how to support this cause as well ... and here you have given it.

What a beautiful thing.

I want to do this ... and not just for battered women, as abuse comes in SO many forms ... children, the dying, recovering addicts, ... oh, thank-you. This will just go on and on and on ...

Isn't it gorgeous? I find it really speaks to me too. Thankyou for telling me about your dad.

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