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Full Moon House Clearing Ritual
Lunar Cycling
pookieyamamama wrote in fully_flowered
Vaysha wanted to know what I was doing, so I will share the ritual here as well ...

You can find the ritual Lemuralia falls on the Full Moon this year, the Roman Feast of Lemures, who were the restless spirits of the dead that may have taken up residence in Roman homes. Drawing upon the power of the Full Moon, now’s the time to exorcise unwanted energies not in accord with your will and fill your home with bright, Full Moon energy. Set up your altar with white candles and flowers. Also include a dish of black beans sprinkled with sea salt in the middle of the altar. Barefoot, smudge your whole house with incense or sage. Any dark energies will be drawn and attached to the beans. Over the beans, repeat three times:

Shadows of dark, to beans of black,
From whence you came, return ye back
By the Full Moon’s power I banish thee
With these beans, I redeem mine and me

Toss the beans out your front door and bang a cooking pot or ring a bell three times:

Shadows flee, you don’t belong,
Never to return, now be gone!

Now feel your home clean, blessed, and brimming with Full Moon energy!
by..... Mickie Mueller ... ...from Spell-a-Day Almanacs

I didn't have black beans so I used fermented soybeans [which are black and more resemble evil and death to me, even though they add life to food ...] . I started in the attic and proceeded in clockwise fashion from room to room ... corners, [blow lightly on the smudge stick or incense to push the smoke and intention into tight spaces] closets, under beds ... end at the front door and smudge the door, threshold and knob. I put the remaining smoldering smudge stick in the fireplace, lit incense on the 'alter' and am now resting as I am tiered and a little lightheaded/drained.

I'll eat soon to ground me better. ... and drink lots of liquids to restore yourself as well.

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Very awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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